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 Sales and Service Occupations -  Job Vacancies and Wages in the London Economic Region (infographic)

Sales and service occupations in London Economic Region - job vacancies and wages facts sheet

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Q2 of 2016 Internet Job Postings in the London Economic Region (infographic)

Q2 of 2016 Internet Job Posting Report - London Economic Region

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Management Occupations - Job Vacancies and Wages in London Economic Region in 2015 (infographic)

Management Occupations - Job vacancies and wages in LER in 2015

Q1 of 2016 Internet Job Postings in the London Economic Region (infographic | full report)

Q1 of 2016 Internet Job Postings in LER - infographic

Q4 of 2015 Internet Job Postings in the London Economic Region (infographic | full report)

Q4 of 2015 Internet Job Postings in the London Economic Region Report - Front Page


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2016 Employer One survey results (presentation | hard-to-fill jobs' report)

The London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) in partnership with the Small Business Centre (SBC) will launch multi-phase food and beverage programming to support entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector. For details please read the following press release.

The Government of Canada recently introduced a new career tool on its website, Job Bank. The new search tool is intended to inform young people, parents and career counsellors about the benefits of working in various occupations and help them determine the educational and training needs to pursue quality jobs for these occupations. The Career Tool allows users to explore over 100 fields of study, with data on average pay, employment rates and the types of jobs people have five years after graduation.

Career tool by Government of Canada Job Bank

Entrepreneurial Climate Study by the London Small Business Centre and Academica Group

Stats report iconThe unemployment rates in the London Economic Region


Labour Market Refresh and Strategic Plan Review by Oxford Workforce Development Partnership (February 2015)

In the Fall of 2014, the Centre for Organizational Effectiveness was retained to review and update the County of Oxford Labour Force Development Strategy (March 2011) as well as review the work of the Oxford Workforce Development Partnership (OWDP) in order to determine the impact of the current strategic priorities and identify changes in trends that would inform the work to be undertaken by Oxford Workforce Development Partnership over the next several years. The document in now available. 

 Employer One Survey Ad

EmployerOne is an annual survey conducted by the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board that gives employers a voice.

The survey tells us about your workforce successes and challenges, skills shortages, hard-to-fill jobs, education and training needs, and other issues.

The summary results for the 2015 Employer One Survey are available now.


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