Labour market facts - London Economic Region - March 2018

This is a summary visual presenting the essential labour market indicators for the London Economic Region. The source for the information presented in the document is the monthly Labour Force Survey. Statistics Canada, CANSIM - Table 282-0122 provides the monthly 3-month moving average estimates, unadjusted for seasonality.

2017 EmployerOne Survey Results

This document contains the slides' deck for the presentation titled "2017 EmployerOne Survey Results" from April 4th at the London Convention Center.

Facts About Agriculture Employment

Agriculture and agri-food makes up a large part of the local economy and make up 12 per cent of all jobs in Ontario.  Worktrends.ca has recently released an Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector Report which shows the economic impact of the sector on the national, provincial and local economy of Elgin Middlesex Oxford.  The report also highlights the employment characteristics and trends in traditional agriculture.  For an infographic summary: http://goo.gl/4cF4O4

IT skills in demand in the London Economic Region

This document provides a summary of IT skills in demand in the London Economic Region. The local employers have been mentioning these skills in their job postings during the first 11 months of 2019 (Jan. 1 - Nov. 30).

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