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Beneficiaries of EI regular benefits in London Economic Region - August 2018

This is a quick overview of the latest data release (August 2018) by Statistics Canada of the Employment Insurance (EI) beneficiary numbers. The facts and observations presented in this slides' deck are focused on the London Economic Region (ER) which includes Elgin, Middlesex, and Oxford counties. Overall, age and gender generate interesting hypotheses regarding the change in the number of EI beneficiaries in London ER. The results have numerous implications on the employment service planning.

Employment Ontario (EO) program results in 2017-2018

This resource provides Tableau visualizations of the Employment Ontario (EO) program results for the London Economic Region. It is a processing of the latest release of the EO Employment Services (ES) data collection for the fiscal year 2017-2018. The visualizations allow geographically and timely comparisons of the EO programs' performance.

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