Labour Market

Labour market facts - London Economic Region - March 2018

This is a summary visual presenting the essential labour market indicators for the London Economic Region. The source for the information presented in the document is the monthly Labour Force Survey. Statistics Canada, CANSIM - Table 282-0122 provides the monthly 3-month moving average estimates, unadjusted for seasonality.

2017 EmployerOne Survey Results

This document contains the slides' deck for the presentation titled "2017 EmployerOne Survey Results" from April 4th at the London Convention Center.

Intra-provincial and inter-provincial migration between 2011 and 2013: the London Economic Region

The report intends to explore and identify trends associated to the population migration in the London Economic Region (LER) during 2011-2013. Population migration is an important component in understanding the dynamic of the labour force in the region. Conclusions and forecasts resulting from the patterns identified in the report might help local and regional economic developers customize their policies to limit undesired effects.


Working Together to Build Tomorrow's Workforce

Working Together to Build Tomorrow's Workforce is the action plan for workforce development in Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford (EMO) region.

Four action themes have emerged during the planning process:
1. Accessing Talent
2. Skills Development
3. Understanding the Labour Market
4. System Solutions

Information and Communications Technologies Sector - 2014 Report

The present document attempts to inform the public about the current labour market trends in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector starting from a national view and narrowing progressively towards a local scope. The analysis is focused on basic economics such as sector associated GDP, productivity, structure of employers and employment, and governmental support.

A few select findings of the analysis are succinctly provided below.

Q2 of 2014 Internet job posting in EMO region

This report presents regional trends in electronic job announcement in Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford (EMO) counties during the second quater (Q2) of 2014. The findings offer a partial view of the labour demand in the region. During Q2 of 2014 the Internet job posting activity  slowed. The regional leading occupational groups in the number of postings were: "Management," "Trades, Transportation and Utilities" and "Administrative and Legal." A slight increase in the number of postings associated to temporary work has been noted.