Educators & Career Counsellors

Do you work as a career counselor or educator?

Our collection of in-depth resources will keep you informed on current industry trends, and assist you in guiding your students and clients in their job search or career choices.

Make Informed Decisions
From regional labour market data to apprenticeship training programs, we can help you educate and advise your clients about their career opportunities.

Using the data provided below, help the individuals you support to make informed employment decisions.

Local Job Search Links
Discover local job opportunities to help guide your students or clients into choosing the best career path for their individual situation.

Local Job Opportunities
Training and Education
Training programs and Education available in Ontario.

Training and Education
Apprenticeship Information
For individuals who have recently completed, or are looking to obtain, an apprenticeship, the following resource will help them to succeed in their chosen career path.

Apprenticeship Information
Local Labour Market Information
The following reports provide an in-depth look at the labour market in London, St. Thomas and Woodstock, and Ontario as a whole.

2013 Labour Market Plan
2013 Labour Market Plan: Mid-Year Update
Seismic Shift: Ontario’s Changing Labour Market
Demographics of London, Facts & Figures from the LEDC
Growth in Number of Seniors
Working Age Population
National Household Survey Update for Elgin, Middlesex & Oxford Regions
Elgin Economic Report Card for Women: 2014
Industry & Employment Analysis in the SCOR Region: October 2012
Internet Job Postings in Elgin, Middlesex & Oxford Regions: Q4 of 2013
Manufacturing in the London Economic Region: August 2013
Workplace Core Competencies Action Plan: March 2013
Hiring Trends & Resources
Are you working with someone who is looking to hire? These resources highlight industry and region-specific employment trends.

London & Area Resources
Placement Agencies in Elgin, Middlesex & Oxford Regions
Electrical Trades & Telecommunication Occupations’ Trends
Ontario MTCU: Job Trends Forecast
Business Networking Groups in Elgin, Middlesex & Oxford Regions
Ontario Skills Passport
Industries to Explore
From hospitality and tourism to careers in agriculture, these resources offer information on local Industries.

Hospitality & Tourism: Careers to Discover
Working in the Green Economy
Find Your Career in Agriculture
Links for Immigrants
The following resources can help newcomers to find gainful employment in Canada. Find links for mentorship opportunities, job matching networks, and popular geographic locations for settling down.

Links & Resources for Immigrants
Where Are Immigrants Residing Now?
Persons with Disabilities
Working with a job seeker or student with a disability? Both locally and province wide, the following links will assist you in advising your student/client on how to enter the job market.

Local Resources for Persons with Disabilities
Ontario Resources for Persons with Disabilities
Labour Market Information Training
Employment Sector Council London-Middlesex (ESCLM) now offers Labour Market Information (LMI): A Common Approach Training for our community’s employment and guidance counsellors in the use of labour market information (LMI) to better assist individuals in employment and career planning.

The key training outcome is a common, consistent, and high quality community-wide approach to recognizing and using good LMI with students and/or job seekers.