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(fr) Labour market information gives you an advantage when making career, learning and employment decisions.

Why should I use Labour Market Information?

Good quality information is essential for people to make career decisions and plan in an ever changing world. A key component is labour market information. Labour market information can be described as any information about the workings of a labour market and any factors likely to influence the workings of that market, including jobs available, people available to do those jobs, and any changes in the external and internal business environments.

Labour market information can provide details on in-demand jobs and current hiring trends. It can provide insight on market conditions, information on industries, as well as outlooks for employment and future hiring trends.

The sharing of career and labour market information has to be designed to be accessible, up-to-date and relevant. Worktrends.ca is a locally focused resource that will allow many different types of users to access labour market information easily to make informed decisions. This is important for present day planning and for future planning and growth.

What you will find on Worktrends.ca

    §  Career Information and job postings from local employers.

    §  Local labour market data from government resources & other sources.

    §  Education and training information from local institutions and colleges.

You can use this valuable online tool to make decisions and plan for the future. You can research careers, education and training. You can also access information about companies that are hiring, wage information and growth opportunities. There are many sources of labour market information which can help you recognise key trends and gain a better understanding of future opportunities.

Worktrends.ca is constantly evolving and growing. We welcome suggestions to improve the content and experience of the site.

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Who are we?

Worktrends.ca began in 2012 at the initiative of the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) and Elgin, Middlesex, & Oxford Counties Workforce Planning Development Board (EMOWPDB), and implemented based on funding provided by the former Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU). Worktrends.ca is the result of extensive research and development managed by EMOWPDB, the LEDC, with Academica Group and the Advisory Expert Panels. Its journey continues today through partnering with the Local Employment Planning Council (LEPC). Worktrends.ca became one of the venues through which LEPC disseminates labour market information in the London Economic Region. Current funding is provided by the new Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and the Government of Canada.

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This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the government of Ontario. 

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