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Are you looking for a job in Elgin, Middlesex or Oxford? 

Having the right information and resources can help make your job search easier to navigate. Below are links and tools that can guide you throughout your search process.   

Make Informed Decisions 

In the resources provided, you will find valuable online tools that can assist you in your decision making. You will find local information highlighting industry trends, wage information and growth opportunities, that can give you a better understanding of the industries and roles you are exploring. 

Job Search Resources & Links

On the job hunt? Browse the following listings for employment opportunities in the regions of London, St. Thomas and Oxford County.

Job Search

If you're searching for a job, read the reports below to find out overall hiring and growth trends in your region. 

Industries to Discover

From hospitality to careers in agriculture, you can explore different industries through the following resources: 

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Labour Market Information

Labour marketing information that highlights trends in the regions of London, St. Thomas and Woodstock.

Please consult the Resources page of the website to discover other relevant labour market information.

Networking Groups

For job seekers, networking can be one of the essential strategies for developing new business contacts. See below for a list of local networking groups.

Resources for Persons with Disabilities

Find new opportunities for employment.

Commuting Information

Are you considering a commute to work? Information to help you understand local commuting trends. 

London Area Resources

These general resources are helpful for London area residents and newcomers who are in search of employment.

Help Us Grow 

Picture of business manWorktrends.ca is constantly growing and evolving as new resources surface and prove to be helpful job-seeking tools. If you come across a resource that we do not currently have listed, please contact us directly and we would be happy to add it to our list.