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Detailed information is available below on how to further explore job opportunities and career information on worktrends.ca. 

The Jobs page allows you to search based on occupational 4-digit National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes or descriptions. Once you have the results of your quick search, click on the occupation that you are interested in, and a page of related statistics based on regional geography unfolds. At the bottom of the targeted occupational page, you will find local related job opportunities. In a similar way, the other route is through the Industries page, which requires the job seeker to target a particular industry, or set of industries.If you are exploring job opportunities, Worktrends.ca can help guide you. The site provides two paths to current job postings. One route is through the Jobs page (see the main menu) and this is the route designed for those knowing with some precision the occupation, or set of occupations, that they target. The other route is through the Industries page.

The Industries page advances a list of industries classified according to the North American Industrial Classification Standard (NAICS) ordered alphabetically. The user is then guided into the specifics of the targeted industry, statistics based on the regional and local geographies. At the bottom of the targeted industry page, there is a column listing local related job opportunities.

Beyond the mere hunt for job opportunities, if you are searching for jobs by occupation, Worktrends.ca can educate you about: how many people are currently working in the same occupation locally or regionally; the regional or local trend in the occupation, whether there is an upward or downward trend in growth; and average regional and local income. If your job search is based on a specific industry, Worktrends.ca can help with a big picture point of view: e.g. the industrial structure of the industry, the number of employers by employee range size; the average yearly income, the regional and local trend in the industry, and the labour flow in the industry.

For detailed information regarding job opportunities and related information, Worktrends.ca offers a list of non-profit/for-profit employment agencies in EMO* region, which is located on the Resources page.

If you are an employer, placement agency, or a web job posting board, please feel welcome to contact us with any information you might want to contribute to Worktrends.ca.

We would like to acknowledge a few partners which have provided the job feed and job-related information on the site: Knighthunter.com and WorkinOxford.ca