March 15 - 10:53 am
March 11 - 2:11 pm
This report presents an investigation of the labour force participation in the London Economic Region.
November 27 - 10:49 am
In the past several years, significant success has been achieved in lowering the unemployment rates in Ontario. Various employment service programs have been designed and deployed to reach specific target groups.
October 22 - 9:28 am
This is a quick overview of the latest data release (August 2018) by Statistics Canada of the Employment Insurance (EI) beneficiary numbers.
August 30 - 3:45 pm
Do you want to earn your WHMIS or Smart Serve certificates, learn another language, or train for a job in the skilled trades? You can find these and hundreds of other adult education and training opportunities in the Learning for Life tool! 
March 29 - 8:53 am
November 3 - 12:41 pm
Following the release of Employment Ontario Employment Service data sets, the Local Employment Planning Council has created a series
September 25 - 11:02 am
by Emilian Siman  
February 3 - 2:43 pm
By Emilian Siman
January 16 - 2:10 pm
Labour Market briefing – London Economic Region in January 2017 By Emilian Siman   How should we proceed next?
December 12 - 11:36 am
By Emilian Siman Mixed results: successful in certain aspects while unsuccessful in other aspects of the regional labour market
November 21 - 1:02 pm
One of the mandates of the current federal government is improving Employment Insurance (EI) services and therefore facilitate a quick transition of workforce people from one job to another. The improvements that have been scheduled for implementation during 2016 were:
November 10 - 9:59 am
By Emilian Siman A decline in the overall regional labour market results