2018 EmployerOne Survey Results are in!

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In 2018, 324 local employers completed the EmployerOne Survey. Respondents from the London Economic Region (Elgin County, Middlesex County, Oxford County and the City of London and City of St. Thomas) were asked to provide information on their organization's workforce.

The EmployerOne Survey is a comprehensive survey of local employers focused on the demand-side of the London-region labour market. It is designed to collect information annually on a range of Human Resource issues: labour turnover, hard-to-fill positions, recruitment difficulties, and current and future skill shortages, so that the Local Employment Planning Council and the community can accurately respond to the needs of our local employers.

2018 Key Findings: 

• 81% of respondent said they hired in 2017,  69% of respondents plan to hire in 2018 and 42% of those hires are due to expansion plans

• Top hires in 2017 include:  full-time and part-time occupations in manufacturing and sales and service occupations. 38% of respondents said they hired a youth, 27% hired someone who is over 55, and 20% hired a visible minority (see slide 7/8 for specific job titles).

• Hard-to-fill positions in 2017 include: trades helpers, construction labourers, industrial trades, and service representatives (see slide 10 for more occupations)

• Top planned hires for 2018 include: full-time and seasonal sales and service jobs, jobs in manufacturing, and contract trade jobs (see slide 14 for more planned hires)

• Top 3 recruitment methods: personal contacts, online job boards, and company website. See slide 12. 

• 43% of participating businesses rank the availability of qualified workers in the London region as excellent or good

• Employers value work ethic, self-motivation, and teamwork/interpersonal skills in employees. (See slide 9 for the ranking of all competencies)

• 80% of participating businesses provided professional development or training for employees. 


Click here to download the PDF presentation of the EmployerOne Results.