Economy by sector in non-metro Ontario

The Rural Ontario Institute made available the fourth set of information sheets, which looks into the economic sectors within non-metro areas in the province of Ontario. Seven sectors are individually explored for trends developed between 2001 and 2014: “Agriculture and Food Related,” “Forestry, Mining, Oil and Gas,” “Construction,” “Non-food Manufacturing,” “Professional, Scientific and Technical Services,” “Arts, Information, Recreation and Culture” and “Wholesale and Retail Trade.” Although some of these sectors are more specific to non-metro areas than others, the fact sheets reveal unexpected changes such as: an increasing presence of manufacturing as well as professional and scientific services in non-metro areas. The analyses advance new ways of looking at the numbers by using two additional analytical indicators: a location quotient value and a performance measure named “leading/lagging indicator." For some analysts and professionals these types of analyses might be familiar while for other they would provide some novelty. Using on these indicators, the Rural Ontario Institute developed several companion Appendices to this series exploring employment trends by sectors and Ontario’s GDP by sector between 1997 and 2014.

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