Migration and rural communities

In October 2015, the Rural Ontario Institute has made available a new set of the “Focus on Rural Ontario” fact sheets regarding migration in and out the rural communities. Migration is a key component of the population growth and has numerous implications on labour force shortages or surpluses in any community. Therefore these facts are useful for any decision makers and planners in the community.

These new fact sheets show mixed results in regard to interprovincial and intraprovincial net migration. In 2014, a number of rural counties in Ontario gained in population from intraprovincial migration, but this was offset by the loss in population due to interprovincial migration. You will be delighted to read numerous facts regarding non-metro and metro census divisions, rural communities and youth migration.

The two documents can be accessed here: Census Division Migration, 1996-2014 and Youth Migration, 2009-2014