Success story for local manufacturing

Recently Arva Industries Inc. successfully secured a $12 million contract with Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. According to the general manager, this comes in result of an intense bidding completion among Canadian manufacturers specialized in mining and rail equipment. The contract is the single largest order won by the company since its existence and it provides great 2016 prospects for the Arva Industries’ team.

The completion date for the project was set for October 2016, when a diesel-powered vehicle that shapes mining tunnel walls has to be delivered. Arva Industries has specialized in developing unique solutions for the mining and transportation industries. The current project follows a $4.9 million contract won in September of 2015 with Toronto Transit Commission for building a vacuum car to clean its subway lines.

The current success is important for the local workforce because it increases the hiring prospects of the local skilled labour and engineering professionals.   

More details about the story can be accessed in the St. Thomas Times Journal article