Suggested readings by LEPC's staff for December 2018


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This list was compiled as new information arrived at us through various communication channels during the previous month. Reading these works made us realize their great value for understanding the labour markets and the economy. We foresee that they can spark new ideas about labour markets.

Note: LEPC stands for Local Employment Planning Council


From Statistics Canada:

Who works part time and why?  by Martha Patterson

Long-run productivity dispersion in Canadian manufacturing, by Wulong Gu and Beiling Yan

The effect of government transfer programs on low-income rates: a gender based analysis, 1995 to 2016, by Adriene Harding

Provincial and territorial economic accounts review, 2017 estimates

Labour force information - October 7 to 13, 2018


From Labour Market Informational Council (LMIC):

What’s in a name? Labour shortages, skills shortages, and skills mismatches


From MDB Insight:

Find jobs online: How many of Canada’s jobs are posted Online?

Collaboration among workforce support organizations leads to win-win


From Rural Ontario Institute (ROI):

Internal Migration 2018 Series - Migration by age cohort: Just who is moving in and out of rural places in Ontario?


From Fraser Institute:

The United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement: Overview and outlook by Gary Hufbauer and Steven Globerman


Form Tourism HR Canada:

Building a resilient and inclusive workforce: 2017-2018 annual report


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