Suggested readings by LEPC's staff for March 2019


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This list was compiled as new information arrived at us through various communication channels during the previous month. Reading these works made us realize their great value for understanding the labour markets and the economy. We foresee that they can spark new ideas about labour markets.

Note: LEPC stands for Local Employment Planning Council


From Statistics Canada:

How do women in male-dominated apprenticeships fare in the labour market? by Kristyn Frank and Marc Frenette

 Labour market outcomes among refugees to Canada by Garnett Picot, Yan Zhang and Feng Hou

Multifactor productivity growth estimates and industry productivity database, 2017

Working women in Canada’s top 1%: Who are they?

Earnings inequality and the gender pay gap in Canada: The role of women’s under-representation among top earners by Aneta Bonikowska, Marie Drolet and Nicole M. Fortin

Non-profit institutions and volunteering: Economic contribution, 2007 to 2017

Spotlight on Canadians and debt: Who is vulnerable?

Natural resource indicators, third quarter of 2018

Canadian Agriculture at a Glance. Aboriginal people and agriculture in 2016: A portrait by Nicolas Gauthier and Julia White

Quarterly estimates of business entry and exit, third quarter 2018

Job vacancies, third quarter of 2018

Housing Market Indicators Dashboard

Canadian International Merchandise Trade Database

Labour Force information December 2 to 8, 2018

Canadian Economic News, December 2018 edition

Symmetric input-output tables, 2015


From the Institute for Research on Public Policy:

Carbon taxes can be both good policy and good politics by Brendan Boyd and Trevor Tombe

For our new pharma care system, let’s keep what works by Pamela Fralick


From Tourism HR Canada:

Tourism reaches record low unemployment: annual Labour Force Survey highlights

Tourists flock to Canada creating jobs and adding billions to the economy

New report shows the tourism impact on Niagara’s economy


From the Conference Board of Canada:

Bank of Canada holds rates and flags economic risks


From the Fraser Institute:

Canada’s rising personal tax rates and failing tax competitiveness by Robert P. Murphy, Milagros Palacios, and Jake Fuss

Can Alberta restore its tax advantage? by Steve Lafleur, Ben Eisen, and Milagros Palacios

The US more attractive than Canada on oil and gas development by Ashley Stedman and Elmira Aliakbari

Economic freedom – it’s good for what ails you by Kenneth P. Green

Carbon taxes take a beating – north and south by Kenneth P. Green


Form Export Development Canada:

Will the U.S.-China trade tiff end well? by Peter Hall

Critical need for investment by Peter Hall


From Central 1:

Bank of Canada rate announcement – March 6, 2019, by Helmut Pastrick


From Tamarack Institute:

A new collection of collective impact resources designed for building community readiness


From Rural Ontario Institute:

The employment by sector: Overview 2006-2016

2018 series: Employment by sector 2006-2016


From the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative:

The future of the Canadian auto industry


From Canada West Foundation:

What now?| The literacy hustle: How ‘learning-to-learn’ skills help people survive in the changing workplace by Janet Lane



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