6 Sales and service occupations

According to the NOC 2011 tutorial, the coding for the major groups (first two digits) means the following:

Skill type: 6. Sales and service occupations

This Skill Type category contains sales occupations and personal and customer service occupations including hospitality and tourism.

Skill level: 2 or 3. College degree or other alternative combinations

Skill level: 4 or 5. Some secondary school and on-the-job training

Skill level: 6 or 7. On-the-job training

62 Retail sales supervisors and specialized sales occupations621 Retail sales supervisors63 - Service supervisors and specialized service occupations631 - Service supervisors632 - Chefs and cooks64 Sales representatives and salespersons - wholesale and retail trade642 Retail salespersons65 Service representatives and other customer and personal services occupations651 Occupations in food and beverage service