Executive Summary

In March 2013, the annual Local Labour Market Plan was created with a focus on areas of workforce development that had been identified by the business community as priorities for the London Economic Region, which includes the five upper tier municipalities of the Counties of Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford and the Cities of London and St. Thomas. These priority areas included:

• Labour Market Information Availability

• Accessing Services 

• Employee Training

• Young Adults

• Education

• Entrepreneurs (and Small Business)

• New Canadians

• Mature Workers

• Apprenticeship (and Skilled Trades).

This October 2013 Local Labour Market Plan Update reports on these progress under the priority areas and includes a summary of information about Employment Ontario client demographics for the London Economic Region. These figures include clients using Employment Services, Literacy and Basic Skills, Apprenticeship and Second Career programs. A community employment planning meeting of local service providers confirmed labour market information availability and accessing services in a seamless system to be of primary importance to the clients they serve.

In looking at key findings for the community, areas identified by service providers included:

• the need for current and future local labour market information

• the need to look at ways to continually improve the local employment services system

• the need to gain accurate labour market information from employers regarding the skills they need in people they hire

• the need to look at how to measure success

• the need to increase the success stories in local media.

The addition of the employment services discussion to the workforce issues identified by the business community creates a more holistic look at our local workforce issues. The process begun this year will be carried forward next year to create a three-year workforce plan for the community. The local integrated workforce planning process continues to evolve.

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