Middlesex County is a Canadian leader in agribusiness. The County is home to top-quality food producers and other agricultural operations, a centre of excellence for innovative farming science, food processing, research and development, technical expertise, and the tools and services needed for efficient and effective farming and agribusiness operations. 

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Stanton Bros Limited Ilderton Ontario Canada
Stanton Bros Limited, Ilderton, ON: The Stanton family is on the cutting edge for milk production, breeding and embryo development. Modern science has produced better dairy cattle and lowered the farm’s overall environmental footprint. The state-of-the-art operation has generated interest from breeders and farmers around the globe. Stanton Farms has welcomed 14,000 people from dozens of countries to see the operation. The agri-business sector in Middlesex County  has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit whole-heartedly and represents some of the most forward thinking and growth-minded businesses in the County.

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