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Strategically Embrace Technology

MAY 16, 2014

Contemporary organizations swim in an environment flooded with technology. Embracing the right technology at the right time can create a powerful advantage over competitors. It should be a central part of your organization’s strategy. An effective strategy...

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Embrace Sales Technology

MAY 12, 2014

One click…that’s all it takes. One click in the comfort of your home and you can buy a product that will be shipped the next day right to your door. It’s fast, inexpensive, and guaranteed. Amazon has taken the consumer buying process to a level of ease and...

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Technology – Embrace It Like a Three Year Old

MAY 05, 2014

Watch any three-year-old with an iPad and you’ll see what embracing technology is all about. No fear, no hesitation, no concern about making mistakes, no asking for instructions, and unshakable confidence in the endless opportunities. Just doing and...

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Afraid of Public Speaking? View it as an Opportunity, Not a Threat

APRIL 15, 2014

A lot of people are afraid of public speaking, so much so that fear of public speaking outranks fear of death. And according to a recent article, the only greater fears than public speaking are acrophobia (fear of heights) and ophidiophobia (fear of snakes...

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Breaking Down Small Talk

DECEMBER 23, 2013

Small talk is just casual chitchat about nothing in particular. Ask questions about what he or she likes to do in their spare time. Where are you from/going? Family? Fun?  Current affairs: the weather, the news, sports will do in a pinch. Or your community or...

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To Make More Money, Serve More People

DECEMBER 09, 2013

Earl Nightingale wrote, “People tell me they want to make more money so they can become successful. But they have it backwards. First you become successful and then you make money. And you become successful by serving others.” The best way for a salesperson...

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Make People your Strongest Link

DECEMBER 02, 2013

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This old adage holds true for teams and organizations. Consider the story of Perce Blackborow, a stowaway on Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated expedition that was stranded for two years in the Antarctic. The...

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Make Your Vision a Long-Term Unifying Cause

NOVEMBER 28, 2013

Again and again throughout history when ordinary people, who seemed helpless, found a unifying cause, they produced miracles. We have witnessed this phenomenon in the anti-colonial wars; indigenous populations, oppressed, disorganized and powerless, rose up...

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Is Your Team Pulling in the Same Direction?

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

Jack was in the process of preparing his Calgary business for sale. His management team said that because of Jack’s advancing age, they were on board with his goal of selling. They all agreed that it would be best for the business if he found a new owner. At...

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