Why consider a career in Agriculture?

The following document provides a brief overview of potential career paths in Agriculture business on an intuitive graphical display of information.

However, the qestion has multiple answers and angles. Obviously there are costs and benefits associated to a career in Agriculture. The authors of the document identified the following list of potential benefits: high quality, high paying, rewarding, entrepreneurship, potentialy work for a multi-national corporation, and oportunity to transfer skills.

As the authors indicate, Agriculture is evolving and changing, creating new careers. Agriculture business, most currently known these days, involves all occupations related to the various components of the value chain, starting with developing performant seeds and livestock and ending with having the food on the table. It encompases careers such as: biologists, agrologists, veterinarians, engineers, technologist,  technicians, sales people, marketing specialists, managers, communication specialists, and other.

You might be surprised how many careers fall under the umbrela of Agriculture!

Please explore the document listed for download below.



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