A Guide for Employers


This publication grew out of a partnership with Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board, Elgin St. Thomas Public Health, Middlesex London Public Health and Oxford County Public Health & Emergency Services.


What is Healthy Work-Life Balance? 

You hear a lot of talk about healthy work-life balance, but what does it mean? Having a healthy balance means that neither the demands of work nor the demands of personal/family life overwhelm the other. In many ways it’s easier to define unhealthy work-life balance than a healthy one. People know when something is wrong. Employers may notice something is wrong in their workplace when they see increased health claims and costs, more sick days, poor morale and lower productivity.


The purpose of this guide is to:

  • Provide employers information about healthy work-life balance and its importance.

  • Increase employers’ knowledge of common health issues impacting their bottom line.

  • Provide employers with strategies to address issues that may arise in their workplace.

  • Provide employers information to support employees and a healthy workplace environment.

  • Provide employers information

For more, download the full report posted below.

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