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From mid-2009 to the end of 2012, tourism spending in Canada increased in every quarter. Higher tourism spending by Canadians at home more than offset a decline in spending by international visitors in Canada. Tourism gross domestic product has also grown for the 13 consecutive quarters.

Canada’s hospitality and tourism related industries employed a total of 1.7 million workers in October 2012, a three year high for that month. Hospitality and tourism in Ontario employs over 300,000 and is the largest single employer of young workers. Every $1 million spent by tourists creates 14 jobs and generates $553,400 in wages and salaries.

Hospitality and Tourism Sector in Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford

The Ministry of Tourism’s “Tourism Regional Economic Impact Model” estimates that visitors to Elgin-Middlesex-Oxford will spend over $535 million 2013. The industry will contribute over $340 million to the local GDP and create over 6,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs, generating a labour income of over $217 million. In this case, direct jobs refers to jobs generated in businesses or sectors that produce or provide goods and services directly to travelers, e.g. accommodations, restaurants, transportation, retail enterprises, etc. Indirect jobs refers to jobs resulting from the expansion of demand from businesses or sectors that directly produce or provide goods and services to travelers, to other businesses or sectors. Induced impact refers to the impact associated with the re-spending of labour income and/or profits by those who work in the hospitality and tourism sector.

As of June 2012 there are 1,937 enterprises operating in hospitality and tourism related industries in Elgin-Middlesex-Oxford, representing 4.8% of all enterprises operating in the region. These hospitality and tourism related industries include performing arts, spectator sports, heritage institutions, amusement and gambling, accommodation and food services. Nine companies in this sector employ over 100 people. Using the provincial averages for companies operating in the sector that employ 1 to 5, 5 to 9, etc. up to 100 employees, an estimated 23,883 workers are currently employed in hospitality and tourism related industries in Elgin-Middlesex-Oxford.


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