In May 2015, the City of London has produced a comprehensive report exploring the local immigrant labour market, focusing on the successful support services as well as on identifying opportunities for improvement. The report is the result of an extensive collaboration among local community and government agents concerned with providing a healthy and exciting support system that would lead to the quickest integration of the newcomers into the Canadian society.

The 2008-2009 economic recession, followed by the slow recovery afterwards, revealed the need for a revision of the existing employment support venues for the London immigrants. The report was structured on four major themes: 1) enhancing the timely economic integration, 2) enhancing the coordination and marketing of the service system, 3) enriching the services and supports and 4) reducing the barriers to integration.

The extensive community consultations with various local actors as well as the intensive research of the authors has led to the development of an extensive document (75 pages) looking at various types of employment (regular vs. self-employment), existing barriers, employer engagement, and new way of leveraging the immigrant talent.

 The deep analyses of the announced topics are nicely summarized in highlight boxes to facilitate a quick and pleasant reading.

Please download the document and discover interesting facts about the local immigrant group. The report is very helpful for all parties involved in the local labour market to understand the current conditions and the opportunities for change.