The present document attempts to inform the public about the current labour market trends in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector starting from a national view and narrowing progressively towards a local scope. The analysis is focused on basic economics such as sector associated GDP, productivity, structure of employers and employment, and governmental support.

A few select findings of the analysis are succinctly provided below.

Importance of the ICT sector to the Canadian and Ontario economy
• In the past seven years, at national level, the ICT sector exhibited a healthy growth, mostly due to the expansion of the services' side of the sector
• 5-6 percent ICT sector contribution to the Ontario's GDP
• The ICT sector contribution to the provincial GDP (Ontario) has been larger during recession/recovery years (2009-2011) suggesting less sensitivity of the sector to the economic cycles
• At national and provincial level, the labour productivity of the ICT sector appears to be significantly higher than the average of the economy, underlining the magnitude of the value added by the ICT sector to the economy

The ICT sector labour market in Canada and Ontario
• Canada and Ontario's ICT sector is highly centered on the Computer and Software Services industries
• In Canada and Ontario, the ICT employers are overly represented by Micro employers (1-4 employees) and Small employers (5-99 employees)
• Numerous non-employers (self-employed) also represent a major part of the aggregate supply of the sector
• Ontario's ICT sector is the first in Canada and second on the American continent: around 50 percent of the Canadian employers and non-employers in the ICT sector are located in Ontario
• The largest employment within the ICT sector is present in the Computer and Software Services industry group. The employment growth of the ICT sector is lead by this industry group
• There is an out-flow of ICT labour force from Ontario to the neighboring provinces and the U.S.

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