This report presents regional trends in electronic job announcement in Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford (EMO) counties during the second quater (Q2) of 2014. The findings offer a partial view of the labour demand in the region. During Q2 of 2014 the Internet job posting activity  slowed. The regional leading occupational groups in the number of postings were: "Management," "Trades, Transportation and Utilities" and "Administrative and Legal." A slight increase in the number of postings associated to temporary work has been noted. The specificity of postings regarding the sourcing of the anouncements has improved. However, overall the number of job postings associated to full- and part-time jobs decreased during Q2. London remains the main contributor of postings in the EMO region. Supprisingly the job posting associated to select locations in Oxford County shows a different story. Please download and read the full report.