As briefly mentioned in the present report, the internet job postings are part of the unmet labour demand in the Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford (EMO) region. It is important to understand the dynamic of this activity because it provides significant clues/insight on the present and future condition of the regional labour market. The present report summarizes the important facts regarding the overall job posting activity in the region, but also helps in identifying differences in job posting activity among the three counties.

A few highlights of the Q3 Internet Job Postings report:

  • The number of postings increased by 25 percent from Q2 to Q3 of 2014
  • 74 percent of the Q3 of 2014 postings in EMO region are associated to London
  • Although investment caution is exhibited by the employers in the EMO region, full-time employment is dominant in the EMO region
  • Retail and Services, Management, Health and Sales occupational groups have been mostly associated to the internet job postings in the EMO region
  • The “experience on the job” attribute is largely appreciated and sought by employers in EMO region

More of the highlights can be found on the infographic posted bellow. Use the download button to get the full version of the report.

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Q3 of 2014 - Internet Job Postings in EMO region

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