The internet job postings report for Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford (EMO) region, quarter four (Q4) of 2014, offers a unique perspective upon the unmet demand in the regional labour market. Although this is just a piece of the larger puzzle called the labour market in EMO region, it assists in the overall understanding of this market. Particularly, the current document allows for short-term comparisons, quarter-to-quarter (Q4 vs. Q3 of 2014), as well as long-term comparisons, year-long (Q4 of 2014 vs. Q4 of 2013). The first data collection on the topic was done in Q4 of 2013. Moreover, this report is unique because it provides the complete quarterly dynamic of the internet job postings over the year 2014 with emphasis over a few geographical locations within EMO region.

A few highlights of the current report:

  • The number of job internet postings in EMO region decreased during Q4 relative to Q3 of 2014. However, within the same region, the number of internet postings increased on a year-long comparison (Q4 of 2014 vs Q4 of 2013).
  • During Q4 of 2014, about 33 percent of job announcements have been associated to permanent positions, approximately 17 percent  of the job postings have been associated to temporary positions and  the rest (50 percent) of the postings have been associated to “unknown”/”unclassified” category. This suggests that investment caution is still widespread among employers in the region.
  • Among all internet job postings in the region during Q4 of 2014, a large majority (46 percent) were associated to full-time (ft) jobs while a small proportion  were associated to part-time (pt) or the mix ft/pt (14 percent and 5 percent respectively). One would observe quite a bit of variation of this distribution when looking across specific locations within the EMO region.
  • About 31 percent of the internet job postings in EMO region during Q4 of 2014 have been sourced to employers in the region while around 25 percent to placement agencies in the region. These results suggest an increase in popularity of this advertising venue among the employers.
  • The leading occupational categories associated to the internet job postings during Q4 of 2014 within EMO region were: sales and service occupations (22 percent); trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations (13 percent); business, finance and administration occupations (11 percent); management occupations (8 percent); occupations in education, law and social, community and government services (6 percent) and health occupations (5 percent). 

More of the highlights can be found on the infographic posted bellow. Use the download button to get the full version of the report.

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Infographic - Q4 of 2014 internet job postings in EMO region

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