The infographic document listed below for download provides a quarterly snapshot of the regional trends of the internet job postings in Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford counties, together recognized as the London Economic Region. Through quarter-to-quarter (Q3 vs. Q4 of 2015) and over-a-year (Q4 of 2014 vs. Q4 of 2015) comparisons several facts about the job opportunities in the region are revealed. The infographic document highlights a stable labour market in the London Economic Region that suffered a slight contraction in employment and job postings during Q4 of 2015. The quality of the job opportunities in the region remained high during Q4 of 2015 since a large majority of postings were associated to permanent full-time positions requiring university, or college, or vocational/apprenticeship education. The top three occupational groups based on the associated number of postings during Q4 of 2015 in the London Economic Region were: “Sales and service occupations,” “Business, finance and administration occupations” and “Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations.” More details regarding each of these occupational groups are revealed in the document.