This report was released in March 2014 by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives  and is authored by economist Kaylie Tiessen.


  • Since the turn of the century Ontario's labour market has undergone a fundamental restructuring
  • Industries where employment has traditionally been quite strong are shrinking – most significantly in manufacturing
  • Jobs in both the service industry and construction have moved in to take their place
  • This has coincided with a polarization of Ontario's labour market, where job growth occurs predominantly at either end of the income spectrum, with fewer prospects in the middles income range
  • Part time and temporary employment has grown faster than full time employment and permanent positions during the same time period – employment precarity has become a typical feature of employment for many individuals
  • 32% of all part-time workers in Ontario would rather be working at a full time job – an increase of almost 43% since 2000
  • During the recession Ontario lost 266,00 jobs – although there has been a net replacement of jobs since then, job creation has not kept up with population growth – Ontario needs 270,000 new jobs to return to the pre-recession employment rate
  • Suggests that new policy solutions are required – active and pointed attention from policymakers to prioritize long term high quality job creation.


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