This report presents an investigation on the use and impact of Labour Market Information (LMI) in the London Economic Region. Job search and matching theories recognize the facilitating role of information in making talent allocation more efficient. The information era rapidly increased access to information for all participants in the labour market. Numerous actors in the economy systematically develop LMI. The new challenge is the inability of labour market stakeholders to determine what LMI is relevant and helpful. Although the job search and match models provide a solid explanation of these processes, they offer limited practical guidance for LMI developers on what information should be developed, how it should be formatted and or shared in order to produce maximum impact in the labour market. Moreover, limited information is available on how is LMI perceived locally by various community stakeholders. Because of such reasons, an investigation was launched to understand what LMI is used, who is using LMI, ways of using and sharing LMI, attractive formats, perceived quality of LMI and impact of LMI.

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