The Rural  Ontario Institute highlights:

  • In 2011, 7% of the residents in non-metro census divisions were immigrants, born outside Canada.

  • In contrast, 40% of the residents in metro census divisions were immigrants.

  • Non-metro census divisions are more likely to have immigrants who arrived before 1971.

  • Non-metro census divisions have fewer immigrants to act as magnets for newcomers or to help new immigrants integrate.


Again the Rural Ontario Institute is doing an extraordinary job on summarizing current statistical information about the province of  Ontario and Canada,  revealing important socio-economic challenges. Among their conclusions are:

  • Communities with fewer immigrants may have more challenges in attracting more immigrants because there is a smaller community to help new immigrants

  • In most non-metro CDs, many of the immigrants arrived prior to1971 – more than 40 years ago. Their immigration experience have been different and many have a different ethnic background compared to the new immigrant arrivals.


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