Focus on Rural Ontario, July 2013, vol.1, no.10. 


  • Over the next 10 years, 37 of 59 Ontario census divisions have a demographic structure with fewer local potential labour market entrants than expected retirees.
  • This demographic structure is more predominant in non-metro Ontario (occurring in 24 of 27 non-metro census divisions).
  • On average across all non-metro census divisions, there are only 78 potential labour market entrants for each 100 individuals who will reach retirement age.



  • A deficit in the balance of incoming versus exiting working age population predominates in non-metro areas of the province,
  • There are only a few exceptions in non-metro areas compared to the more urbanized regions of the province,
  • All other factors remaining equal, potential labour market shortages are more likely to be a concern in these areas.


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