What work opportunities are in the Green Economy?

By a quick glance over the names of the industries included in the Green Economy you would quickly draw an answer: Biogas, Biomass, Geotermal, Green Building and Construction, Green Infrastructure, Solar Photovoltaic, and Sustainable Forestry and Wind.

The document guides you to the discovery of 70 occupational profiles assoociated with the Green Economy in Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford counties. The profiles contain extensive information regarding: the number of people employed in this occupation, the age profile of people working in this occupation, median income of the people working in this occupation, employment requirements, employment prospects, links specific to the occupation,  and general employment data (labour force, employment, unemployment, etc.).

Moreover, the document guides you to explore various resources associated with the Green Economy as well as the Green Jobs Strategy.

If you are interested about the Green Economy in other neighbouring regions, please visit www.workgreen.ca.

Please explore the document provided below for download


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