Working Together to Build Tomorrow's Workforce is the action plan for workforce development in Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford (EMO) region.

Four action themes have emerged during the planning process:
1. Accessing Talent
2. Skills Development
3. Understanding the Labour Market
4. System Solutions

The first three themes are synchronized with the workforce development priorities defined by the three county based workforce development groups: the Oxford Workforce Development Partnership, the Elgin Workforce Development Committee and the Middlesex Workforce Development Committee. These three themes also emerged throughout the discussions with London based economic development agencies, employment service providers and private businesses.

The fourth theme resulted from conversations with local service providers about how the current services are delivered. Areas of concern and potential solutions have been advanced in order to correct the current delivery issues. The identification process has been structured such that through several rounds of ranking-voting only first two issues were promoted further for analysis.

In conjunction with these activities, a presentation of Dr. Foot in March 2014 revealed the challenges induced by the expected demographic changes in the region to the local labour market. In addition, EmployerOne survey provided valuable insight into employers' expectations regarding hiring, skills and occupations in the region. Further evidence, if necessary, was provided by the analysis of the Internet job posting activity in EMO region.

All these efforts converged to the following conclusions:
• Accessing Talend and Skills Development will remain main workforce development priorities for the next three years. Significant effort will be awarded to alleviate the disconnection between the demand and supply site of the local labour market. Due to its novelty, the Canada Ontario Jobs Grant has a major role in shaping future local actions.
• Understanding the Labour Market is a recurring, forwarding theme for the next three years. Efforts enveloped in collecting relevant and on-time data, and reporting it in forms that respond to the current advancement of the communications technology are extremely important.
• System Solutions offer long term benefits to the community through the improvement of the connectivity of job seekers and employers with the local labour market. It remains a priority action for the next three years.
The success of the workforce development in the EMO region depends on the collaboration of both sides of the market, the demand and supply.

For complete information regarding the Working Together to Build Tomorrow's Workforce document, please use the download option below.

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