Your London Calling

Your London Calling represents a local partnership between the City of London, the Western University Students' Council (USC), the Fanshawe Students' Union (FSU) and the local post-secondary students.  The site provides information for students about the post-secondary experience in London. The information is centered around the following topics: settling in, getting around, getting involved, earning money, having fun, and a bucket list. Explore and enjoy this uniquely organized information.


London Youth Advisory Council

London Youth Advisory Council was created to ensure that youth voices are integrated into London's public policy decisions. The site encourages young people to contribute to and influece constructively the public debate regarding various cummunity issues. London Youth Advisory Council attempts to educate and guide young citizens to engage in local policy development. The site provides information and features that that facilitates the advocacy process.


Ontario Job Futures

Ontario Job Futures is a publication which provides information on the current trends and future outlook for about 200 occupations common to Ontario. It is developed by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, and uses projections developed in collaboration with Employment and Social Development Canada.


Employment Profile

Employment Profile is another great resource provided by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) for students and graduates to explore. Based on the latest information collected from students, graduates and their employers,  future students along with their parents, career counsellors, and employment counsellors can decide on the right educational path to pursue. Resources and guidance for decisions regarding vocational career paths are also presented on the MTCU site.

Under the umbrella of the Ontario Consortium for Graduate Professional Skills, a group of Ontario universities has recently developed a set of free online professional skills training tools to improve their graduate students transition to the labour market. This new approach takes in consideration the unique and challenging study experience of the graduate students while at university. These new tools intend to inform about and prepare graduate students for their labour market transition. The online professional development is beneficial to those interested in careers in any field: academia, business, government, and non-profits.


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